This video series provides a summary of the techniques from “The Complete Cricket Breeding Manual”. The videos show you how to build the components and how they work. They are to be used in conjunction with the manual which covers all methods in full detail. Currently the following videos are available with more in development all the time; General Methods

  • Heating
  • How to build basic food and water dispensers
  • Choosing and preparing a substrate

Private or Small Scale Commercial (Zega Substrate Cricket Breeding System)

  • Materials
  • Choosing and Preparing a Substrate
  • Making the flooring of a Zega Substrate Cricket Breeding System
  • Setting up a Zega Substrate Breeding System

Medium or Large Scale Commercial (Batch Cricket Breeding System) Currently there are no videos for this section as we developing videos for the two sections above. Many of the videos covered in the “General Method” section above are applicable to medium to large Scale Commercial production. The Complete Cricket Breeding Manual contains 240 color photos and is 160 pages in length. When you purchase a Zega book, you also get free email support, and Skype training to answer your questions or to explain things visually.


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