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At Zega Enterprises we understand the importance of being able to provide a plentiful supply of cheap, fresh and readily available supply of live foods to your reptile or wildlife. After all we started breeding insects to help conserve an endangered species and to save money keeping reptiles (See our About Us page for more details).

To help reptile and wildlife enthusiast everywhere, we would like to provide Free Skype Training and sell our books at a 50% discount to the standard price to following organisations and retail outlets. If you refer this program to your reptile or wildlife organisation and they participate, you will receive a book of your choice for free.

  • Reptile clubs and organisations
  • Wildlife or Conservation groups and organisations
  • Retail stores that have their own reptile club or group
  • Zoos and wildlife parks that have a number of members who want to breed their own feeder insects
  • Any other organisation/group that has a number of people who collectively breed insects.

This is a great opportunity for me to show you our components directly, answer your questions and to meet you. If you prefer, you don’t have to do a Skype training session, you can just purchase the books.

To qualify for this discount, the groups listed below need to purchase a minimum of 5 books (6 books if a member referral was made- see maroon text above).   For the free Skype training session, all you need is internet connection and an ipad or laptop. The Skype session can be organised as a group meeting (i.e. as a guest virtual speaker at a general meeting) or in the convenience of your members home.

What are the Discounted Prices


The   Complete Cricket Breeding Manual

The   Complete Cockroach Breeding Manual

The   Complete Mealworm Breeding Manual

Normal Price

$45.00   (US) Plus Delivery See note below regarding delivery.

$40.00   (US) Plus DeliverySee note below regarding delivery

In   development, not currently available   (Refer   to  Mealworm page)

Discounted Price

50% of retail price, $23.00   (US) plus delivery.

50% of retail price, $20.00   (US) plus delivery.


Delivery Rates and Times

Delivery of books at the discounted rate, can only be made to one location. You are then responsible to get the books to your members.  If you want books to be delivered to multiple locations, the normal price will apply.

You will get a quote on delivery before deciding to purchase books. Books to be sent out to US and Australia will be standard shipping rates and times for those countries.

Shipping to other countries is via the reliable Amazon delivery service, which is cost effective and includes express or standard delivery. As an estimate, standard delivery can take 6-8 weeks, or two weeks for express options.

How to Contact Us.

If you are one of the groups listed above, please send me (Glenn Kvassay) an email. Please let me know the following:

  • What is your group or organisation (ie reptile club, retail store)
  • How many people do you think may want to purchase the books and/or  have a Skype session. You don’t have to have a Skype session, you can just purchase the books.
  • The exact delivery location the books are to be sent along with a contact person.

How Does it Work

Once the contact person has received the books we recommend the following:

  • The organisation sends out the books to their members, so they can have a minimum of 2 weeks to look through  the books. It is important that people have a copy of the book, and have had a chance to look through it before the Skype session.
  • A Skype session is then arranged by emailing me. Please provide your preferred times. I am from New South Wales, Australia and am Eastern Australian time zone. I am flexible and able to meet outside normal business hours.
  • I will confirm dates and times by email.
  • All you need is a internet connection, an Ipad or laptop and a Skype session can be organised at a group meeting or in the convenience of the members home.
  •   At the scheduled time join the video session by dialling/connecting to our Skype name zegaenter. 
  • The is only one video conferencing rule… and that is relax. I am easy going person who enjoys giving advice and hanging out with fellow wildlife enthusiasts. I look forward to meeting in person.
  • If you are a retail store or online business, we would be more than happy to discuss our retail and wholesale rates.

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