Our Insect Breeding Experience

We have been producing crickets, cockroaches and mealworms both privately and commercially for over 11 years. Over this time I have studied all the conventional methods that I could get our hands on, and pioneered new and innovative techniques. As we found out first hand, conventional methods are laborious and too time consuming and messy to be practical for the average person. This is why 98% of people have given up breeding crickets, just 3-6 months later. Perhaps you are one of them??. This is also why most people breed cockroaches and mealworms which have traditionally been less maintenance and are more robust. But even these species can be difficult to manage at times…and we knew they could be done much better than currently done.

There had to be a better way….and so the fun began. Every day for 4 years I spend countless hours in the shed and garage experimenting and refining new techniques for all insect species. This process seem to take forever. I hit highs and lows….at one point I nearly gave up as it was all too much effort and pests such as ants and micro flies completely destroyed my cricket colonies…..and continued to do so. I however am a stubborn person by nature and refused to be beaten by 2mm fly, and clumsy messy techniques. After all giving up rehabilitating quolls and other wildlife was not an option.

So I continued, day after day…. refining, experimenting and building the strangest contraptions. It is hard to believe, but I would lay awake at night, thinking of new ways to improve things. Then one day (4 years later), a very strange thing happened. I went in the shed, and for the first time I didn’t have anything to build or experiment with….I simply walked out……I remember it well as my wife commented “you were quick today”. To which I replied “yep, I think I have worked it out”.  To my great surprise and delight, the revolutionary systems I had developed had halved maintenance, eliminated offensive odor and doubled production.  Which was fortunate as word had got out about the “insect man” and I had private and commercial customers lining up. We have sold countless feeder insects to wildlife parks, zoos, pet stores, wildlife rescue clubs, large scale reptile keepers and the general public.

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