In Production …   Quolls – Fast and Furious

Australia has some of the most ferocious and spectacular carnivores in the world, with a jaw pressure unsurpassed by any land predator for their size…

The Spotted-tail Quoll, the largest surviving carnivorous marsupial mammal currently living in mainland Australia. Endangered with few as 500 individuals possibly known to be only in existence, we investigate their secretive and short life span of three years in their remote and extremely isolated populations amongst the cloud forests of the North Queensland Wet Tropics.         

Spotted-tail Quoll, secretive, non gregarious and highly mobile. Featuring ground breaking footage never seen before. A must for any carnivore fan….

QUOLLS – Fast and Furious, before it’s too late … coming soon 2014, see wildcamaustralia.com.

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