Skype Training

Welcome to our free Skype training. A Skype video session is available to the following people:

  • People who have a purchased our books and wish to ask questions directly to the author (Glenn Kvassay) and show you our components directly.
  • Retail and Wholesale enquires. We are happy to explain what the books entail, and how they can be purchased.
  • The General public who have been invited to join a general discussion on how they can become self sufficient in live foods, generally from a media site or by invitation.

No question is too small or too large, and there are no silly questions. I enjoy these sessions as it gives me an opportunity to meet you directly and find out what questions you have about breeding insects.

Below is our noticeboard which outlines any scheduled webinars (note some seminars will have a topic theme). See below sections “how to join an existing or scheduled webinar”. If there are no scheduled webinars please don’t hesitate to “request a skype session” as outlined below.

Notice Board

Skype Video times:     No video sessions currently scheduled, but can be organised on request (see- request a Skype session below)

How to Join an Existing, or Scheduled Video Session

The process is as simple as 1, 2 and 3.

1) Choose a video conferencing time from the Notice board above, or join an existing video conference (where you have been referred from a social media site). At the scheduled time join the video session by going to and dialling/connecting to our Skype name zegaenter. If you haven’t got a Skype account it only takes a few minutes to join.

2) Briefly introduce yourself with your name, country, and information you are after. Note you don’t have to ask any questions if you like, feel free just to sit in and listen.  Skype is able to have up to 10 people displayed in video mode. Where there are 10 or more people, these people will only able to chat using voice.

3) Forum rules are very simple.

  • The author will facilitate discussions and questions. Once a question has been answered feel free to ask another.
  • Where you have purchased our books, I encourage you to bring it along so I can refer you to a specific section, diagram or photo. This will make explaining things much quicker and  meaningful. If your question  is out of the ordinary or you wish for me to show you a particular component, try to email me the questions before the video conference so I can bring them along.
  • For people who haven’t bought the book, we are happy to answer general questions about conventional methods for cricket and cockroach breeding, but we can only provide a general overview of our systems not specific “how to build” instructions. For this detailed information you will need to purchase the manual as it contains hundreds of photos to show you how to build the components.
  • Most important rule. Relax. I am easy going person who enjoys giving advice and talking with fellow wildlife enthusiasts.

Requesting a Skype Session

If you have purchased our books we are more than happy to provide a one on one Skype session to explain and show you our techniques. The process is as simple as 1, 2 and 3.

1) Sent me an email requesting a one on one Skype session.  In your email please provide the following information:

a) Account details:  Please provide your Skype name.  If you haven’t got a Skype account, you can easily create an account in a few minutes at

b) Proof of Purchase: Please provide proof of purchase. This could be as simple as displaying the book during the video, or emailing a screen shot of your email purchase (ie amazon or pay pal order confirmation, scanned receipt for store bought books)

c) Propose time and date:  Please provide dates and times which you would be available. Please include your country and time zone, so I can find a time which suits both of us.  (For example: USA, eastern time zone, 10am on 23/January/2013. I am on eastern Australian time zone, but can work with most time zones.

d) Outline Query: Please provide a  short description of your questions. If you have a specific section of the book you want to discuss, please include section heading or photo numbers. This way I have an idea of the discussion topics before we meet and get together the information or bring along the component you wish to see.

2) I will confirm dates and times by email.

3) At the scheduled time join the video session by dialling/connecting to our Skype name zegaenter.  The is only one video conferencing rule… and that is relax. I am easy going person who enjoys giving advice and hanging out with fellow wildlife enthusiasts.

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